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Ensuring your floors are safe with slip testing and anti-slip treatments.

K Creed Professional Cleaners are specialists in anti slip solutions for all floors to help reduce the risk of slip injury.

We can test all floors for slip resistance using the Slip Alert testing machine and the British Standard (BS7976) Pendulum, (which is the HSE preferred method). We then apply anti-slip treatments to reduce slip risk, if required. This will not only endorse a companies commitment to due diligence but also help protect you against slip injury claims.

What is the Slip Alert test?

The Slip Alert test quickly and easily accurately measures both wet and dry slip risk on different floor surfaces by simulating the physics of pedestrain slipping (range of speeds, vertical force, hydro-dynamic squeeze film etc) and is the only slip test to guaranteed to help you reduce slip injuries. The speed at which slip tests can be made and the reliability of the results means that you can quickly assess the risk even on a large site with different floors.

Regular monitoring of slip risk enables your business to become proactive in slip prevention. You do not need to wait till people start slipping and falling. You can take action today.

What is the Pendulum Slip test?

In layman’s terms the Pendulum slip test gives a definitive answer whether your floor is fit for purpose under foot when wet or dry. The instrument stands about 2 ft high on a tripod that takes up 1 square meter. A horizontal arm is released with a rubber shoe on the end. The sprung loaded shoe hits the surface and stays connected to the floor for 127mm carrying a marker that resembles a needle. This needle then travels through the numbered scale and stops at the given level of resistance. It’s this reading that determines the suitability of the surface.

If you have independent certified evidence that your floor meets the HSE guidelines for the environment it is intended for you cannot be held liable for a slip injury.

If your floor fails the Pendulum Slip Test we can quickly and cost effectively apply our unique anti slip treatment which is a low odour, colourless liquid. When this treatment is applied on to a floor it will increase the slip resistance and ultimately reduce the chance of slip injury.

We can provide the Slip Alert Test, Pendulum Slip Test and anti-slip treatments throughout Leicester, Leicestershire, the East Midlands and Nationwide.

For further information on the Slip Alert Test, the Pendulum Slip Test and Anti-slip floor treatments call us on 0116 270 4598 or e-mail

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